"fashion fades, only style remains" - cc


Moschino Madness in Milan

This is Jeremy Scott's first Fall show as the creative director of Moschino. Inspired by Mcdonalds, Chanel, Spongebob Squarepants and popular American treats. This is all very standard for Jeremy Scotts usually crazy shows but is Moschino ready for the change? I think so. The kitschy, wild creations have already appeared on celebrities such as Rita Ora, Katy Perry and Anna Dello Russo. A couple of years ago we saw Jeremy add the face of Bart Simpson on his clothing and now it is Spongebob. He has turned Moschino into a brand of popular culture and madness. The garments alone without the prints are beautiful pieces but we should not be dissapointed, after all they have been designed by Jeremy Scott.  He sent the models down the runway looking like an army of Mcdonalds employees, 12yr old Spongebob fans and 80s Chanel models - absolutely mental but I think the madness is refreshing. Scott is not known for taking fashion super seriously so why should we? Fashion is for expressing your style, so I do not see how we cannot have fun with it. What do you think? is this collection trashy and stupid or smart and cute?


  1. I liked it. Not sure how practical it all is, but it sure is fun.

    -Leslie Anne


    1. I agree. I can't imagine what occasion these clothes would be suitable for.